Hugh Laurie Sings the Blues

by Jon Frazier

This May*, talented Brit Hugh Laurie quietly added Recording Artist to a list of vocations that includes Golden-Globe Winning Actor, Comedian, Writer, Musician, Director, Novelist and all-around Badass Dude. I was more than excited when the album was announced, and had not a doubt in my mind that it would be great.  But different people know Hugh Laurie from different places. When I played the album for friends, I heard responses** ranging from “Wow, House has a soul” to “He’s British and should stop pretending otherwise.”

But Hugh Laurie is just one of those people, like Gwyneth Paltrow, who are amazing at everything they do, and keep expanding their talents, just to make the world a better place. (I’d like to get Hugh and Gwyneth in the same room, but I don’t think the world is ready for that.) 

Let Them Talk fulfills every expectation (and I don’t even like the blues). The entire album is listen-able, by which I mean that I will listen to the entire album without getting bored. This is a credential of mine which few albums meet, and it is a requirement to make my best albums of the year list. Let Them Talk is currently near the top of that list.

So, believe it or not, Hugh Laurie sings the blues, and he’s damn good toot. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

* OK, OK, I know he had already performed with Band from TV and on House.

** After I told them who it was, of course.