Worth Your Consideration 006 - A GF5 Linkdump

  • Nine Inch Nails and Pitchfork.tv have followed up on Monday’s posting of the rehearsal of “1,000,000” with two more clips of tour rehearsal footage, one for “Letting You” and a second for “Echoplex”. These clips further solidify the fact that I am an idiot for not having a ticket to see NIN on this tour yet. Good grief, this new line-up is good!
  • In other NIN news, check out the picture above for a sneak peek at how the band is using Google Earth to enhance the tour experience this time around, and check out the notes on the photo on Flickr for a more details. It almost makes me want to download Google Earth. Almost. (Why can’t that program run in a browser yet?)
  • And, lastly, in non-NIN news, and on a much more somber note, please do read Kevin Smith’s thoughts on George Carlin’s passing, which show just how much the filmmaker admired the late comic and his work.