Donut as Hamburger Bun? A Stroke of Genius, says I

I think I may have to kick someone out of my Geek Force Five in order to make room for the one food that I am absolutely geeky about: the hamburger. I came across Hamburger Today this morning (via Metafilter) and I think I’m in love. It’s a blog dedicated to the discussion of hamburgers. How have I missed out on this until now?

The photo that I’m including here, of Paula Deen’s donut-as-bun Lady’s Brunch Burger, is something that I want to go out and eat right now. The hell with my diet! This thing’s got a hamburger, a fried egg, a couple slices of bacon, and it’s served on a glazed donut?!? What’s not to love?

What do you think, Geek-Forcers? Who should I kick out of the club to make way for the Hamburglar?