Marvel Studios has released the second trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger, though unfortunately they haven’t yet given us the thing on Apple’s trailers site, which is our go-to place for high-def trailers we can freeze-frame and overanalyze. Still, the awesomeness of this trailer makes up for that slight. As Paul Montgomery at iFanboy wrote, “If you haven’t stood up to salute just yet, surely this’lll do the trick.”

We’ve been high on Cap since the first trailer came out, and we think this new one only further establishes that this will be the comic book movie of the summer, maybe even beating out X-Men: First Class in the competition for our hearts and minds. The filmmakers just really seem to have figured out what’s special about Captain America the character, and what about him will resonate best with the general public.

If you’re still not buying it, check out the new poster:

We’re psyched, and you should be, too. We’d say July 22 can’t get here fast enough, but we want to savor Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 first, so July 22 can get here too fast, and well, that leaves us wondering what cliché we’re supposed to say instead.

Any ideas?