What the hell do you say about a win like this? As a Boston fan, you wait for a lifetime just hoping you’ll witness something like this. There are people who this will mean infinitely more to, but it means a lot to me too. It was exciting to watch and I love crazy guys with character and that’s what the Sox have been.  I’m sitting here watching the postgame as I type and I’m having a hard time constructing whole sentences.

The other part-time guy who works in my office is a huge Yankees fan. I feel bad for him. I only see him once a week, on Wednesdays, when we work on the same day, and he seemed so low today. I can’t even imagine how he’s feeling right now. He joked that he might be jumping into the Charles at the end of the night. I hope it’s not that bad.

Johnny was huge tonight. When he hit that second homerun, I was beside myself. I couldn’t believe it was happening. It was really happening.

I gotta go to bed, but feel free to comment as you like. I’m sure other people will have much more articulate things to say. I’ll leave you with this: I actually had a Reverse the Curse Burrito at the Mexican place around the corner from work and I actually liked it. I didn’t finish it, but I guess I didn’t have to.