If You Don’t Support It, Who Will? DC Cancels NORTHLANDERS.

Northlanders is Viking-themed comic book from DC Comics’s Vertigo imprint, and it’s ending (presumably early next year) with issue #50. From the first moment I saw it on the shelves of my local comic book shop in December 2007, I thought it looked neat. But by 2007, with a one year old at home and a job at a rewarding but never high-paying non-profit, my budget for buying comics was growing smaller and smaller, and I never actually picked up an issue.

But, notwithstanding my financial constraints, this has gotten me thinking about the idea of supporting the art we love, not just with Tweets or Facebook statuses or pats on the back, but with our wallets. I’m not saying that me picking up Northlanders would have saved it from cancellation — I’m just one dude — but I am saying that our general apathy toward the financial support of art as a culture is troubling. When even the people who create art, people like me, aren’t out there standing up for the projects they believe in with the only thing that really matters to the companies distributing those projects, that’s an issue.

So, I’m going to take this news as a wake-up call. Geeking out about something isn’t worth shit if you don’t eventually put your money where your mouth is.