Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

by Jon Frazier

Saturday morning found me screaming at my radio on I-95 south. The DJ had just wrapped a set, and, right before going to commercial, informed me that “[n]ew Coldplay music dropped on the world today, and it’s pretty great. Go check it out on [our website] and tell us what you think.”

And then he went to commercial, as I almost got into an accident while screaming, “No! No. Play it, play it play it! No! NO! Not fair NOT FAIR!”

Now, understand that only getting to hear the tail end of a song that I like can put me in a sour mood. Understand that tuning into a station and hearing “That was ‘Such Great Heights,’ by Iron and Wine” can make me sigh audibly. Understand that we haven’t had new Coldplay music since 2008. (Understand that this is a long time in my world.) Understand my anguish, not only because this DJ, (who I’ve now placed on a pedestal next to Darth Vader and Adolph Hitler) did not play the new Coldplay single then, but also because I was headed into a five hour shift at work and would not be able to hear the new Coldplay single until late in the day.

Alright, enough whining. I got home and listened to the song, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.” OK, so the name is a little cheesy and doesn’t inspire confidence. But, while I don’t love it, and it wasn’t worth tormenting myself all day for, it is pretty good. It sounds similar to an electronified version of 2008’s “Lovers in Japan,” and I like their piano-centric work such as “The Scientist” and “Yellow” more than their electric stuff, but it’s good. Nothing new, nothing special, but good.

I don’t always love the first single off a big name album, and I’m not in love with “Teardrop,” but it’s a sign of good things coming (hopefully, those good things including front man Chris Martin’s wife, Gwyneth Paltrow) on their fall 2011 album.

Check out the new song and post your thoughts below.