FiveList: What Brings People to Geek Force Five

Just as it did for my previous Website, traffic from Google Image Search accounts for the vast majority of visitors to Geek Force Five. So, for Today’s FiveList, I thought we’d examine this phenomenon and other search-related phenomena a bit closer.

1. People aren’t just searching for filth

The top search terms bringing people to Geek Force Five over the past month were Allison Stokke, Charles Bukowski, Robin Finck, Rosie Hardy, and Stephen King. Surprisingly (at least to me), three of the five subjects of interest are men, and one of them—Robin Finck, ex-guitarist for Nine Inch Nails and Guns n Roses—isn’t someone I’d expect to draw all that much interest. The other two are authors with fairly big audiences, which I think explains their presence. And Stokke and Hardy, well, they’re attractive young women and I don’t think that their appearance on this list needs any further explanation.

2. The people looking for filth are looking for mobile filth

My two posts on iPhone porn—“iPhone Porn in 3G” and “iPhone Porn Comes to the App Store seem to explain this bit of traffic. What I can’t really explain is why the words “force” and “forced” are factoring in. And “wordporno”—well, I don’t even want to venture a guess. You?

3. The people looking specifically for XXX filth are looking for XXX filth on Twitter

The people whose searches included “XXX” almost always included “Twitter,” as well. Those who weren’t looking for XXX Twitter account information were looking for “Rachel Roxxx,” the woman whose photograph graces the two stories linked in item #2. If they were looking for Rachel’s Twitter account, they would find it here.

4. Some really interesting places are linking through to this site

Among the sites referring visitors to Geek Force Five this past month were The Truth About Cars, Nikki Benz [NSFW], Shez Crafti, and The Metal Sludge Forums.

That’s not to mention Cursed to First, The Beer Babe, Bodhipaksa, all of whom helped drive traffic to their Five Questions interviews.

5. The top five pages visited this month were all image-driven

This isn’t reflective of what visitors spent the most time reading—a stat that I’m trying to focus more on as I try to hold true to that old adage about quality versus quantity—but it’s interesting nonetheless. The top five articles visited are mostly reflective of the top five searches listed under item 1: “Charles Bukowski Was a Mac,” “Robin Finck Returns to Nine Inch Nails,” “Twisted Disney Princesses by Jeffrey Thomas,” and “Harry & Me: The Well of Wish Fulfillment.”

NewsE. Christopher Clark