Five Hundred Words on Rock Band 3 Addiction

A few days before Christmas, while he was out shopping, my brother phoned me up to get an idea of what I might want as a gift. My brother always overspends on me, my wife, and my kids, so I’m always a bit guarded with my words around Christmas. We always love what he gets us, but we can’t afford to give as much in return, so I end up feeling guilty.

The conversation turned to music-based video games. He asked me if we had any of the Guitar Hero or Rock Band games, and in a fit of stupidity I said that no, we didn’t, but I’d been meaning to give them a try. The deal was sealed when I mentioned that we had asked my parents to buy a Disney Sing It game for our daughter to play, a game which just happened to come with a microphone.

Now, John (my brother) didn’t go as far as buying us Rock Band with a full set of instruments, but he did buy me the latest game in that series (Rock Band 3) while still buying my wife something else. He spent as much on each of us as he should have spent on the both of us. But, I digress.

The point I’m trying to get to (and I better get there fast, or I’ll run out of my five hundred words) is that Rock Band 3 has redefined my life over the past month, and I have my brother to thank for that.

The addiction—and I don’t think it’s a stretch to call it that—began innocently enough, with me playing for thirty or forty minutes on my lunch break each day. But I have been on a downward spiral ever since, with my lunch breaks growing longer and my obsession with beating certain aspects of the game growing stronger and stronger.

Like any addict, I have come to justify time spent feeding my habit. Playing Rock Band 3 is time well spent, you see. My February creative project will be the RPM Challenge, a project involving the creation of an album’s worth of music in 28 days. And so, Rock Band 3 is not really an addiction. I am simply re-training myself to sing after years of performing only irregularly.

You see how it starts?

In all honesty, I never expected to have as much fun as I’m having playing Rock Band 3, and I haven’t even really begun to play around with the keyboard peripheral I bought with a holiday gift card we received. And then there are the oodles and oodles of songs available to download once I’ve beaten all the stuff that came with the game.

And, though I jest about it being a justification for my addiction, I really do feel like all this singing is getting me ready for RPM 2011 better than anything else would.

Listening to music makes my days brighter. Singing along makes them brighter still.

Editor’s Note: If you’d like to follow Chris’s progress on Rock Band 3, visit his profile here. And, if you’d like to play with him online, his Wii Friend Code is 1901 8363 6253 3561.