Five Must-See Performances from TweetUp Idol

“SingUp Jan 2011 at The Lansdowne” by Wayne Kurtzman CC BY NC ND

On Friday, you watched me talk about TweetUp Idol, but now you can actually see performances from the evening. And what better topic for a FiveList than Must See Performances from TweetUp Idol?

There is no better topic! That’s what I thought you said.

1. “Roxanne”

And, oh yeah, I don’t think I did too bad myself. Here are the two I did that night:


All videos were shot by Joselin Mane and posted as part of his TweetUp Idol review, where you can find even more performances.

And if you want explanations as to why I picked what I picked, hey let’s start a conversation in the comments. I’m curious as to how these stand up without the backstory.