Five Second Critic 018: JWoww

In this episode, I am wowwed by JWoww.

Watched the episode and still confused? Here’s Five Second Critic for Dummies:

Jenni “Jwoww” Farley is one of the stars of the MTV reality TV series Jersey Shore. Wikipedia describes her thusly:

Farley is a graphic designer and club promoter from Franklin Square, New York. She enters the shore house with a steady relationship at home but cheats on her boyfriend with castmate DelVecchio and ends her relationship in Episode 3. Prior to her 21st birthday she got a breast augmentation as a present to herself.

Okay. So, there’s that.

But here’s the thing: Like most reality TV show stars, JWoww was easy enough for a bookish geek to ignore as long as she stayed in her world and I stayed in mine. But reality TV stars rarely stay in their own worlds for long, figuring themselves masters of whatever field they might be interested in for one fleeting second. And so, Jenni Farley decided to go and write herself a book. And that, my friends, makes her fair game for the Five Second Critic.

Whether the book as an artform is dying is a question still up for debate, but what is certain is that, as long as our celebrity-obsessed culture keeps on buying artifacts with their favorite starlets on the cover or packaging, this corner of the publishing industry will be quite safe from harm.

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