Five Second Critic 020: Bieber

In this episode, I have some words of advice for Mr. Justin Bieber on the occasion of the release of his concert film/biopic Never Say Never.

Watched it and still confused? Here’s Five Second Critic for Dummies:

Though, like many (if not most) of the adult speakers of the English language, I am quite familiar with the cliché “never say never,” it is the title of the James Bond film Never Say Never Again that springs immediately to mind when I hear the phrase, and I’m sure that I’m in the minority there.

What springs to mind when I hear the name Justin Bieber? Well, the Leslie Nielsen joke from The Naked Gun, for one thing. And, for another thing… well, nope, there is no other thing. I get as far as “Nice Bieber” in my head and lose it. Really, anyone want to tell me why this kid is so special, and why we should allow him to never say never?

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