The Long and Winding Road to THE HOBBIT Wraps Up

The long and winding road to turn The Hobbit into a live action film—did you know that The Beatles were supposedly going to do this back in the 1960s?—is finally reaching its end, and Slashfilm has two official set photos to prove it.

The Slashfilm article also makes mention of an official Facebook page for director Peter Jackson, which got us thinking about how all of the Internet hype about The Lord of the Rings happened pre-Facebook and pre-Twitter, which in turn got us thinking about how much more massive the promotional machine for the two proposed Hobbit flicks will be.

Nuts, huh? I mean, the hype for LOTR was all Web 1.5 and shit. Now we’re going to get a dose of what Web 2.0 (or 2.5, or whatever version we’re at now) can do.