Princess Peach Figurine Straight Out of Mario’s (Wet) Dreams

As far as deviant tributes to video game characters go, we’re down with cosplay—everyone likes to play dress up now and then, right?—but dirty visual art based on popular fictional characters has always made us a little queasy. We don’t know why, but there’s something about Goofy fucking Minnie Mouse while Dopey takes it in the ass from Doc that just screams “WRONG!” to us.

Now comes the latest bit for the “No, they didn’t!” files: a statuette of a busty Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros. riding a phallic mushroom. Here’s how the manufacturer describes this image you simply cannot unsee:

This princess is from a totally different castle! This white-hot statue with blonde hair and a pink costume is not appropriate for children, but it might be just the thing for your home office! Perched atop an unusually-formed fungus, the oddly named “Princess Bitch” poses with pride.

Is it the fact that this shit is too close to the original medium of the character that makes it so much more disturbing than, say, a real life girl in costume?