Rebooting Batman… AGAIN?!?

Here’s one reason why we come down so heavily on the Marvel side of the Marvel vs. DC debate: DC always manages to take a good thing and fuck it up.

Now, in this case, we’re not talking about the impending departure of Christian Bale after The Dark Knight Rises—director Christopher Nolan has been clear for some time now that the third film would “finish [their] story”—but, rather, about Warner Bros. exec Jeff Robinov commenting, during an announcement about a Justice League film, that the studio would be rebooting Batman again.

Way to make your public stop caring about the end to Nolan’s opus there, champ!

Seriously, the story here should be that we might finally get a live action Justice League outside of Smallville (which, incidentally, will introduce Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in an upcoming episode). Instead, fans, our friend RoboYuji among them, are talking about Batman (see here and here). A Justice League flick in 2013 should be huge news. It’s a shot across Marvel’s bow as they prepare their own team flick, The Avengers in 2012. But this press announcement is just further proof that DC and Warner Bros. have no idea what they’re doing.

As for the news of a new Batman post-Bale, we’re kind of meh about it. We knew it would happen eventually, but we disagree with Conor Kilpatrick’s contention that, “Seven years and a trilogy of films is long enough for one version of a character.” We’d like to, for once, get to see someone age with a character, and see what happens when that happens. After all, that’s something that we’re never going to see in the comics themselves, so why not see it on film?