Tara Reid Turns It Around in THE BIG LEBOWSKI 2

Indigo Girl Emily Saliers once said, “You have to laugh at yourself, because you’d cry your eyes out if you didn’t,” and for no group of people is that more true than celebrities. Constantly mocked by our tabloid culture for even the most innocent slip-up, they’d better be able to take a joke.

Earlier this year, Tara Reid was ridiculed for announcing that she was working on The Big Lebowski 2, a film that wasn’t actually happening. Well, now she’s teamed up with Funny or Die to have a chuckle at her own expense in The Big Lebowski 2 with Tara Reid, a short clip with Reid playing all the parts.

This is the sort of career turn we’ve praised before, but we all know how well Lindsay Lohan turned it around after her Funny or Die spoof. Our advice to Tara, for what it’s worth: find your way into the upcoming American Pie sequel American Reunion, and do it fast.