Five Second Critic 025: 70s Black Swan

In this episode, I make an astute observation about the character Eric Forman from That ‘70s Show.

Watched it and still confused? Here’s Five Second Critic for Dummies:

Actress Mila Kunis got her start on That ‘70s Show playing the part of Jackie Burkhart (though I’ll always remember her most fondly from the video for Aerosmith’s “Jaded”; a strange obsession, I know).

On that show, the character of Eric Forman (played by Topher Grace), was obsessed with Star Wars.*

In the film Black Swan, Kunis’s character Lily makes out (albeit in a dream sequence) with Natalie Portman’s character Nina. Portman, as geeks of all stripes know, played Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Hence, the joke.

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