Five Second Critic 026: ARTHUR Remake

In this episode, our fearless leader asks a vital question about the the remake of Arthur and the career of Russell Brand.

Watched it and still confused? Here’s Five Second Critic for Dummies:

Arthur (1981) and its 1988 follow-up Arthur 2: On the Rocks are films, in our learned opinions, in no need of being remade. But, when have learned opinions ever stopped the weak-minded, money-hungry juggernaut of Hollywood?

That’s right: never.

To make matters worse, they cast Mr. Katy Perry himself, Russell Brand in the Dudley Moore part. Russell Brand, if you’re not familiar, is the kind of guy who would call President George W. Bush, “a retarded cowboy fella,” but seriously, as far as we can tell, that’s the funniest thing he’s ever said, and, honestly, that’s a pretty easy joke.

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