Burger King Japan Unveils the Meat Monster

A couple of years ago, it was all the rage to take Burger King’s “Have It Your Way” philosophy to extremes, regardless of which fast-food burger joint you frequented. You may recall the McGangBang sandwich, for instance. But now, at least in Japan, it seems as if Burger King has gone and made these monstrosities of meat an official menu item. The Meat Monster burger, pictured above, features two beef patties, a chicken patty, and three strips of bacon.

Not willing to travel to Japan for this kind of indulgence, A Hamburger Today decided to see if they could use Burger King’s online meal builder to construct a sandwich even more sinister. What they came up with defies logic and is enough to make even the strongest stomach churn in disgust: a 3,420-calorie tower of meat featuring pretty much every variation of meat they have on offer.