Five Sentence Critic: INCEPTION

Inception confused the hell out of me, and I’m glad it did.

Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film about dream espionage, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page, was one of those films I’m afraid to spoil for myself, for fear that all of the awesome will seep out of them if the shock of their endings is taken away. Fortunately, there are so many well-drawn characters to keep track of and so many well-constructed plot twists that even now, having seen it, I still feel like I have a lot left to see. And then there’s the fact that the ending, while shocking, is ambiguous enough to invite years of drunken debate.

Aside from a slow start and some awkwardness in the climactic snow sequence — do action sequences in the snow ever truly work, except for maybe The Empire Strikes Back or Fargo? — your Five Sentence Critic is thrilled to recommend Inception and give it a rating of 4.5 Geeks (out of 5, of course).