Five Sentence Critic: SMALLVILLE Series Finale

At times, Smallville, the television series centered on the formative pre-Superman years of Clark Kent, has been cheesy, tedious, and downright unwatchable. But the series finale of the program made good on the promise of the show while also breaking, albeit briefly, the two major promises made by the show’s producers way back when. “No flights, no tights” has been mantra of Smallville since its inception, but it always felt like a “don’t think of a spoon” kind of ploy — the whole idea, it seems to us, was that they wanted to hook us in for the long haul, to make us stick it out through bullshit like Lex and Lana’s marriage, knowing that we would eventually get to see that flying red, blue, and yellow spoon we’d been thinking of all along.

The finale was not without its faults — for example, fans are up in arms about how to reconcile the framing device of Chloe reading a Smallville comic book spelling out Superman’s secret origin with the fact that it’s still, according to the show’s narrative, secret — but it delivered all of the beats longtime fans could have reasonably expected it to deliver on. We’ll give this one 3.5 Geeks for the casual fans — there just aren’t enough money shots to appease someone who knows Superman, but doesn’t know this show — but we’ll give it 4 whole Geeks for the devotees.