Worth Your Consideration 003 - A GF5 Linkdump

  • The latest Nine Inch Nails album, The Slip, which is available as a free download will also now be available as a physical CD. However, The NIN Hotline reports that only 200,000 copies will be released in the United States. The physical release will include, among other things, “a DVD of NIN performing live tracks from The Slip at rehearsals,” and I am ready to beat down anybody who stands in the way of me getting a copy.
  • William Katt, the star of the most awesome television program of all-time, The Greatest American Hero, will be guest-starring on NBC’s Heroes next season. Newsarama reports that Katt will play a “really, really wonderful, seedy, smarmy-mouthed reporter.” Me, I haven’t seen any of the second season of Heroes, but I’m definitely going to have to catch up, now that I know about this upcoming guest appearance.