The Return of Those Little Bastads

Back at the end of April, I announced that I was going to be expanding my presence on the Web by launching and/or re-launching several Websites. And while I’ve decided not to get quite as ambitious as I originally outlined (at least not right now), I am happy to report that the official E. Christopher Clark Website is now online. This new personal Website is dedicated to my writing and my c.v., but the development that I’m most excited about is that this Website has facilitated the return of my first book, Those Little Bastads, to the market. For the first time in a couple of years, you can now buy copies of the book direct from me. It’s near the end of its initial print-run, so if you don’t already own a copy, I suggest you go pick yourself up a copy today.

And if my admittedly biased opinion isn’t enough to sway you, please do check out the new review at Books Without Limits.