iPhone 3G for $199

Apple today announced the iPhone 3G, which will retail for $199. I think I may have wet myself when I heard that, and I’m about to go check and see, but I wanted to share with all of you my incredible sense of joy about this announcement before I did so.

Listen: I can actually afford a $199 product. I’m actually halfway there, in terms of how much I have saved. For me, my dying iPod, and my horrible Verizon cellphone, this is amazing, amazing news. Sure, it doesn’t come out until July 11, which is a bit further away than I would like, but that just gives me more time to save up.

How about the rest of you Geek Forcers? Are you interested in picking one up? I’m sure that I’m not the only one out there who is salivating about this. Apple has just guaranteed itself a huge boost in its marketshare, in my opinion.

Oh, and did you hear about MobileMe, which will apparently solve all of the synchronization issues I’ve written about previously? It’s only $99 a year, and it sounds great.

I am one happy monkey right now, one very happy monkey.