Newsarama Can Haz RSS?!?

Congratulations to comic book news site Newsarama on their recent redesign, and on finally joining the 21st century and hooking all of us readers up with some RSS love. I have been wanting to subscribe to a Newsarama RSS feed ever since the day I signed up for a Google Reader account a couple of years ago. They remain my favorite site for comics-related news, but I haven’t been getting over there more than once a week lately because I haven’t had Google Reader to remind me that new articles are up. I guarantee that I’ll be visiting more often now, which, I guess, contradicts the commonly held belief that RSS feed availability contributes to dwindling page-views. But hey, I’m weird.

Any Geek Forcers have sites that they visit regularly that still don’t provide RSS? Tell your stories of woe in the comments.