Bob Barker Was My Hero

Here’s an excellent find by Leslie at Smoke Rings, Coffee Stains: The Top 8 Moments in The Price is Right History. I’m sure that there are some clips from the early days that there just aren’t tapes of that would maybe knock some of these clips off the list, but it is a pretty good list nevertheless.

The Price is Right was a summertime obsession of mine when I was growing up. It came on at eleven in the morning on the local CBS affiliate, and I hardly went a day without watching it. My favorite game was Plinko (though I swear there was another one that I can’t remember that I liked more, one that was hardly ever played) and my favorite Barker’s Beauty was probably Dian.

Any other Price is Right fanatics out there among the Geek Force? I haven’t been able to watch it in years. How’s Drew Carey doing filling Bob’s shoes?