Auditions for Zack and Miri’s Porno

As if last night’s amazing season finale of Lost weren’t enough of an end-of-the-week gift for the Geek Force Five (more on that soon), here comes Kevin Smith with the first teaser for his next film, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Kevin insists that we call this a “teaser” and not a trailer because there is no actual footage from the film in it, but, regardless of what we call it, I have to say that it seems to set up a definitive feel for the film. That “feel” seems to be somewhere between an old school Kevin Smith flick and a (relatively) new school Seth Rogen/Frat-Pack flick. And I think that’s probably a very good thing for everyone involved.

So, Geek Force, go check out the teaser and then report back here with your analysis. Be wary, though: this is absotively, posolutely not safe for work (or for your mom). After all, just imagine what kind of questions get asked at an audition for a porno, and then ask yourself if you want to be having a conversation over spaghetti and meatballs about manscaping and penis size.