Games for the iPhone

I may still be without an iPhone of my own, but that doesn’t stop me from getting geeky about announcements for the device. And, while most of Apple’s iPhone Software Roadmap Event was nap-inducing drivel, I couldn’t be more excited about the announcements that they made regarding gaming on the iPhone.

The screenshot above was taken from just one of the three different games were demoed at the Apple event, and it was amazing to see the way that they were using all of the device’s features to create a unique gaming experience. For “Touch Fighter,” a game that Apple’s internal team cooked up over the course of two weeks, you tilt and twist the iPhone to maneuver your spaceship and to aim your weapons. And to shoot? You just tap anywhere you’d like on the touch-screen. There’s no need for a joystick or other directional device, even a simulated on-screen one. The accelerometer and touch screen that are built into the device are all that you need.

This makes me want one of these damn things even more. Now, not only would I have a phone, an iPod, and the whole damn Internet in my pocket; I’d also have a pretty spiffy gaming device (at least spiffy enough for my unsophisticated gaming tastes) to boot.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a bit more.

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