Now Showing: THE BEAVER

by Mark Mazzenga

Last week Mel Gibson’s movie, The Beaver, opened to a disappointing week at the box office. The film, which centers on the story of a depressed man who communicates through the usage of a beaver puppet, has both critics and fans talking… but at least half of the buzz is about the film’s humorous title. The Beaver inspires an almost infinite amount of ‘punny’ loglines, which makes one wonder if it couldn’t have benefited from a more “thoughtful” title.

After some careful consideration I’ve compiled a list of movies that could have benefited from other movie’s titles:

The BeaverThe Puppet Master and/or Lethal Weapon 5

The Love Guru Ghandi

Sex and the CityEarth Girls Are Easy

Jungle FeverBlack Snake Moan

Eyes Wide ShutSnatch

The Crying GameSister Act

Coach CarterWhite Men Can’t Jump

Maria Full of GraceTwo Mules for Sister Sarah


Basic InstinctThe Beaver

Are there any other pairings you think should make the list? Which movie holds the honor of worst movie title of all time?