15 Big Macs + 15 Baconators + 15 Teen Burgers = Fast Food Lasagna

Long-time Fivers know well of our obsession with epic foodstuffs. But what we’ve got for you below might just take the fucking cake. It’s not just a photo, it’s not just a link, it’s a video of the dudes from Epic Meal Time not only constructing their Fast Food Lasagna, but dealing with the flabbergasted fast food clerks who are supplying them with the raw materials. It’s not just awe-inspiring, it’s hilarious.

So, in case you didn’t get that, in addition to the fuck-ton of bacon and shredded cheese, this lasagna also includes 15 Big Macs from McDonald’s, 15 Baconators from Wendy’s, and 15 Teen Burgers from A&W.

Does “Yum” even begin to describe this? Or do you come on the “Yuck” side of things?

Thanks to A Hamburger Today for linking this up.