THE MUPPETS Gets a Superhero Parody Trailer, Then (Finally) a Real Trailer

Last week, we got two new trailers for The Muppets, the Jason Segel-powered relaunch of the famous franchise. The first, a superhero parody trailer, is the best we’ve seen yet. It’s got just the right combination of humor, pop culture references, and self-deprecation. And hey, as persons of Swedish descent, we love a good Swedish joke, and the Swedish Chef himself, of course:

But then, then we finally got the first actual trailer, and it confirmed some of the fears we had back when the first parody trailer surfaced last month:

Of course, for every fear it confirmed — that it’ll be another getting the band back together movie — it soothed us with something awesome. I mean, look, any trailer that incudes the immortal Starship classic “We Built This City” is OK by us, alright? And the intimation that the song might actually be in the movie as well, and not just the trailer? That might have sold us right there.

How’s about you?

Via /Film