First Video from Justice’s Follow-Up to †: “Civilization”

We were big fans of Justice’s debut album, , and are excited to hear from Pitchfork that a follow-up is due this fall. Here’s a video for the new song “Civilization,” which looks like a kind of apocalypse for a civilization of human-worshipping buffalo. Or, well, we don’t know for sure that they worship humans, but there are human-like sculptures collapsing throughout, so that’s our best guess.

Ahem. Anyway…

The thing we loved best about was how epic it sounded, especially for a dance record. It was a lot of damn fun to listen to, but on a level beyond a lot of the pop bubblegum trash we usually gorge ourselves on when we want to get up and move. There was some real substance there. If “Civilization” is any indication, this sophomore album should be a very worthy follow-up.