Three Pop Stars, One Song

by Heidi Parton

It’s pretty obvious which three popstars (and which of their music videos) are being parodied here: everything from the sets and camera angles to the dance moves and makeup are mimicked to near-perfection.

While Yvonne Strahovki’s Katy Perry is a little off vocally, she makes up for it by nailing Ke$ha’s clipped, whiny sass and Lady Gaga’s cat-scratch dance moves. What’s most impressive, however, is the scope of the parody’s stick-it: they don’t just tackle the singers’ one-dimensional, prepackaged images; they also take jabs at the formulaic sequencing of pop music videos and the cliché lines that suck any hope of genuine sentiment right out of love songs. When Strahovski sings about manufactured images, you get the sense that it’s not just the girls she’s talking about; it’s the whole sugar-encrusted, whiskey-soaked, plastic package. But it’s not all clever metacultural digs — a couple of lines are pretty low-brow funny, from Ke$ha’s “burpies” to Gaga’s penis-eating threat.

So what do you think of the video? Funny, shocking, or just dumb?