Young Bad Ass Version of the New Superman by Jim Lee

As we draw closer to the reboot of the DC Comics universe — it starts next week, on August 31, you may remember — we’re getting more and more excited, here at GF5 HQ. The thing we, and our feet, are most excited about, is that we won’t have to walk the 14 miles roundtrip to our nearest comic book store to pick up these new books (they’ll be available digitally). But what’s been equally exciting is seeing the art that DC is leaking in the build-up to the relaunch.

Case in point: the fantastic piece we’ve included here, which is apparently a variant cover for Action Comics #1. It’s by one of our favorite artists, Jim Lee, and it highlights the new, younger, more bad ass version of Superman DC is intent on giving us. Notice the lack of underwear on the outside? Cause, come on, how could you be a bad ass while wearing underwear on top of your pants?

What DC books are you most excited to give a try, or are you going to be skipping this reboot entirely?

Via Hero Complex