“All over this like Go-Go boots on Gwen Stacy” - Spider-Man and X-Men Team Up

It may have something to do with the fact that one of the major ways in which I was introduced to the Marvel Comics pantheon was through Saturday morning cartoons where these guys seemed to team up a bunch, but I am super excited to read that Spider-Man and the X-Men are teaming up for a four-issue mini-series. Newsarama has the scoop, and according to the piece the series will “[take] place in a different era in Marvel history, [with] the final one occurring in the present day.”

The image I’ve embedded above is from the second issue and features both black-suit Spider-Man and the 1970s-era X-Men (Dazzler among them). This is just awesome, awesome, awesome in my opinion. I hope that they ratchet up the nostalgia factor to level ten and really do this team-up justice. There’s such a strong connection between the X-Men and Spidey in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, and I think it’s about time that we saw these guys teaming up more in the mainstream Earth 616 universe too (I’m sure Marvel’s sales guys agree with me, given the popularity of both franchises).

What say you, dear readers?