Worth Your Consideration 015 - A GF5 Linkdump

  • Kevin Rose has the scoop on a linewide iPod refresh in September. Apparently, we’ll be seeing widescreen iPod Nanos, a cosmetic refresh to the iPod Touch, and a price drop across the line to differentiate between iPod and iPhone (which is now priced at $199 with a new two-year contract). Thanks to Mac Rumors for linking up Kevin’s post.
  • Marvel Comics is ramping up for something big in 2009 featuring one of my favorite X-Men characters of all time, the won’t-stay-dead redhead herself: Ms. Jean Grey (a.k.a. Phoenix). Check out Newsarama’s article on the “teaser trifecta” that Marvel has released for a glimpse at some absolutely killer noirish images.
  • Lastly, some Lost news. According to a scooper at DarkUFO’s spoilers blog, the Powers That Be are shooting a scene with Hurley and Sayid that takes place just after Sayid rescues Hurley from the mental institution at the end of season four. It sounds like next season is starting off as fast and furious as last season did. Awesome, says I.