Year Zero Comes To HBO?!?

Year Zero, easily Trent Reznor’s most ambitious project up until (and maybe including, depending on your perspective) Ghosts I-IV, may be coming to a boob tube near you at some point in the near future. The Nine Inch Nails frontman has been in talks with cable network HBO to bring Year Zero to the small screen, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“I just pitched it to HBO two weeks ago in L.A. It went great. Ideally, we’re trying to get them to do a two-year limited series. I prefer that over a film. We would have a second ARG tying into the second album and ties into the series and they all happen together with a budget needed to pull that all off. There would be a tour down the road. The record completes the story, the ending that no one knows. I know what happens. I knew when I started it. And it’s not what people think.”

I love the idea of doing this on TV instead of as a film. There’s just so much story to tell, and much of it would get lost as a standalone one-off movie. But I’m also really glad that he’s looking to tackle this as a limited series, which is what I think nearly all television series (and all comic book series, for that matter) should be. Serialized stories are so much more satisfying for me (and for a great many people, I’d wager) when I know that there is a definitive ending on the horizon, however far away that ride into the sunset might be. We need look no further than the example of Lost, which was entirely reenergized at the end of the third season, once the writers knew for sure when the series was going to end.

This is very exciting news, and I very much hope that it comes to fruition.