Stream Your Music from Your Home Computer to Your iPhone (For Now)

Simplify Media allows you to listen to your home music library from anywhere (including your iPhone), and, while I think this is a service with amazing potential, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who thinks this application is doomed. Mashable certainly seems to agree. We could be wrong—after all, my friend Leslie wrote about the service last year, and it’s still around—but I think the release of an application for the high-profile iPhone is going to be a nail in their coffin, if not several nails.

With Pandora on the verge of extinction, I’m constantly looking for ways to discover new music. I think Simplify Media’s ability to let me share music libraries with up to 30 friends could be one way to do that, but I hope that it’s not dead and gone before me and my friends get the chance to really try it out.