No Flashes in LOST Season Five

“We have something new this year,” says Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse, in reference to 2009’s fifth season. “We’re going to mix it up.”

This quote comes from a BBC piece posted by DarkUFO earlier this morning. Cuse’s partner-in-crime, Damon Lindelof, adds: “When season five starts, you won’t know when or where you are. And the way we tell stories will be different too.”

E! Online gossip gal Kristin Dos Santos, in trying to describe what her source is telling her about season five’s structure, says “Think about the Jin and Sun episode from last season.”

Interesting… very interesting.

Also interesting (and I’ll end on this note): speculation over in the comments section of this DarkUFO article. It seems that the person who is behind the camera in the latest Dharma video (which I mentioned in yesterday’s linkdump) is someone the audience has met before, and that it’s someone who definitely should not be a fully-grown adult when the video is being shot, but is.