Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer Debuts Tonight, July 29, 2008

The first trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince debuts tonight at 9 p.m. and Mugglenet has screen captures from it (courtesy of USA Today). I’ve included both above because what I find most striking about them is the difference in the way Dumbledore looks in each photo. I was amazed at the way that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan were made to look younger in the third X-Men film, and it almost seems to me that they’ve done the same thing with Michael Gambon here. But maybe it’s just the way that they’ve made him look so old in the second picture that makes his relative youth in the first seem so striking.

Look at that second picture and tell me that you don’t know what’s coming, even if you haven’t read the book. It gives me chills. I am very thankful that the Geek Gods have decided to give me something tonight to tide me over until iPhone Day tomorrow.