Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 to Focus on Wars Both Secret and Civil

I’ve never been very good at video games, and have therefore never been obsessed with owning any particular video game system. But, every once in a while, a game comes along that makes me wish my wife hadn’t put a ban on consoles in our home. Marvel Ultimate Alliance was one of those games when it came out in 2006. But, to this day, I’ve never had a chance to play it. Oh well, I say. Some day.

Now comes news that a 2009 sequel to the game will focus on Marvel’s recent history, from Secret War, which I haven’t read, to Civil War, which was one of my favorite stories in recent years.

If it comes out for Mac or PC (I can always use Boot Camp on my iMac, if I have to), I’m psyched. But we’ll see how that works out. Neither the Mac nor the Windows logo show up at the end of the E3 teaser.