What Do You Use for E-mail?

Gmail seems to be the gold standard when it comes to e-mail, even if, as I believe I read recently, Yahoo’s Mail service has far more users. Trouble is, I’ve never been a big fan of Gmail. Their decision to use “labels” instead of “folders” apparently makes sense for a lot of people, but I’ve just never gotten it. Despite that, I still use Google’s Apps for Your Domain product. They offer a lot of space at a price-point that really can’t be beaten (free), and they offer IMAP access, which makes sure that e-mail I read away from home shows up as read when I get back to Mail.app on my iMac.

But the service I really want to be using is Apple’s MobileMe, which offers push or near-push e-mail access, as well as the “folder” approach to e-mail storage that I still prefer. That’s why the continued news of MobileMe outages is really depressing to me. I desperately want Apple to get this right.

Assuming they don’t get it right, does anyone out there have a suggestion for a Gmail alternative? Or is there a tutorial out there that will somehow help me learn how to use labels effectively? Geek Forcers, what do you use for e-mail?