Geek Force at PodCamp Boston 3 (PCB3)

I’m at PodCamp Boston 3 this weekend, representing the association I work for full-time, as well as me, the writer, and Geek Force Five, the site. And I’m having a blast. Here’s a shot of me playing pool at the afterparty, if you don’t believe me. That’s me, first from the left, right around the time that my second or third Smirnoff Ice suddenly (and awesomely) elevated my game.

You can mind more photos on Flickr by searching for the tag “pcb3,” which is also the tag to look for on Twitter, YouTube, Viddler, or wherever else you might want to look

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a PodCamp, here’s a pretty good quote from PodCamp Capetown:

PodCamp is a community driven UnConference for anybody and everybody in New Media. Whether you create and/or consume content by podcasting, listening, blogging, reading, producing video, watching and anything else that is New Media.

I’m not exactly in love with the term New Media, but that quote pretty much sums up what’s going on. If you’re following me on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve already seen some updates related to the big show. Keep following me throughout the weekend for more. And, if there’s a PodCamp in your area, and you’re at all interested in this kind of stuff, please do consider going. It has been well worth the price of admission, so far.

Oh, and one last thing: welcome to any and all who might be joining us thanks to my pimping out the site at PodCamp. Leave a message in the comments, if you’ve got a moment, and let the world know who would be in your Geek Force Five. That’s the traditional method of greeting around here.