Can A Song Save Your Life? I Think So.

My friend Jon’s brilliant blog Songs That Saved Your Life returns from hiatus today with a great piece on Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row”. In the piece, besides letting us know how this particular song has saved his life, Jon reminds his readers (and, perhaps, himself) why he started the site in the first place:

When I get right down to it, this is why I’m doing what I do with this site.  Whether most of us realize it, or not, the choices we make about the art we involve ourselves in says something about who and what we are. Our aesthetic choices reflect our personalities—our dreams, desires, fears, regrets, and favorite brands of toothpaste—and they can leave a real impression of us for those that come after.  You all have the opportunity to leave a tangible, historical record of your life to those that would listen.  You really can say something about yourself with a good mix tape. You can tell us something about the people you loved, and the things that matter.  All it takes is a moment of starting a record, being still, and telling a story.

And if you’re looking for someplace to share, allow me to share the good news that Songs accepts submissions.