Marvel to Relaunch Their Ultimate Comics Line

We remain big fans of the early Ultimate Universe titles from Marvel. Ultimate Spider-Man, The Ultimates, and The Ultimates 2 have prime shelf space in our office as examples of great comics storytelling; they sit right next to our Preacher and Y: The Last Man trades, in fact. But the news that the Ultimate Comics Universe will be reborn this August smacks to us of desperation and confusion on the part of Marvel.

The whole idea of the Ultimates line was to invite new readers to experience classic characters without all of the baggage of decades worth of continuity. The trouble is that, after 10+ years of publishing the Ultimate line, continuity is unavoidable.

The covers for the four titles comprising the relaunch are intriguing, but not intriguing enough, and with notes like “Ultimate Wolverine remains dead according to Spencer” appearing alongside a cover image of what looks like Ultimate Wolverine, we’re just left scratching our heads and sighing, “Huh?”