Hustle 2.0 - My Fall Schedule

My fall schedule was already crazy when, a couple of weeks ago, I first watched Gary Vaynerchuk’s video on keeping a day job while starting a new career online. I was already signed up to teach two English Composition classes at a local university, in addition to continuing work at my full-time gig with a small non-profit. But watching Gary’s video made me realize that there was still time in the day to do more, that I didn’t necessarily have to give up on my writing or on this Website for the entire autumn season.

In his video, Gary makes the point that it’s all about cutting out the wasted time, that it’s all about “hustle 2.0”. Agreeing with basically everything he had to say, I cooked up this schedule, which I’m curious to get your feedback on. Certain bits of it are flexible, but most bits are not. Keep in mind that I’m writing a blog about things that I geek out about, which involves a certain amount of “research” that others might consider “goofing off”.

Oh, and this is my Monday-Wednesday schedule. A few things change from Thursday through Sunday. More on that after.

  • 04:15 a.m. - Wake up, make breakfast
  • 04:30 a.m. - Watch Early Today and/or quick podcasts (Geek Brief, The Feed) while eating
  • 04:45 a.m. - Shower, check e-mail, drive to bus station
  • 05:45 a.m. - While riding the bus to Boston, watch previous evening’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, providing NBC remembered to upload the podcast version of it (I don’t get MSNBC at home, so this is my only way to watch it)
  • 07:00 a.m. - Take the Red Line from South Station to Harvard Square, walk from Harvard Square to the campus where I teach, and prep for class
  • 08:00 a.m. - Teach class
  • 09:15 a.m. - Meet with students as necessary; otherwise, grade papers and/or prep next class
  • 09:45 a.m. - Walk 3.2 miles from campus where I teach to Kenmore Square, where I work full-time
  • 11:00 a.m. - Work full-time gig, with half-hour break for lunch and walk around square (and/or reading during inclement weather)
  • 06:30 p.m. - Walk 2.3 miles from office in Kenmore Square to South Station
  • 07:15 p.m. - While riding bus home, work on Website and/or on class prep/grading
  • 08:30 p.m. - Arrive home, eat dinner, help put Kaylee to bed
  • 09:00 p.m. - Read, wind down
  • 09:30 p.m. - Go to sleep

Now, as I said, that’s the Monday-Wednesday schedule. Thursday’s schedule is pretty much the same but, instead of winding down between nine and nine-thirty, I plan to start the first of four days in a row of writing (some late-night, some not). I don’t have a class to teach on Friday morning, and I can sleep on the bus if I need the extra rest before working my one long day at the full-time gig, so I’ll plan on writing from nine until midnight on Thursday night.

I’ll do the same on Friday night. Then, on Saturday, aside from recuperating and spending time with my family, I’ll find three hours to write again. I’ll do my fourth day of writing early on Sunday morning, and then spend the rest of the morning on Sunday (before football) prepping for the next week’s classes.

It’s a busy schedule, but it fits in nearly everything that’s important to me right now: writing, teaching, reading, exercise, this Website, and, most of all, time with my family.

How are you fitting everything into your own busy schedule? What improvements do you think I could make in mine? Let me know!

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