“Everybody Wants to See Anybody F*ck” - Red Band Trailer for Zack and Miri Rules!

The trailer for Zack and Miri Make a Porno is now online at IGN, and it’s brilliant. Jason Kottke calls it “promising” and Ain’t It Cool News says it’s “extra dirty, filthy and funny”.

This is Kevin Smith at his best, with as well-rounded and talented a cast as he’s ever had. Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks are perfectly cast, Jason Mewes and Jeff Anderson manage to not remind me of Jay and Randal, and Craig Robinson is a fucking revelation. Why have I not seen more of his work. Dude is flat-out hysterical. All any of us who have seen the trailer need to do to get a chuckle out of one another is to repeat Robinson’s line, “Her name Bubbles.” I swear…

But my favorite part of the trailer is when the humor goes so far that Elizabeth Banks (as Miri) gives Seth Rogen’s Zack this look:

The conversation which elicits this look is Smith’s most risqué in years. It goes something like this:

Zack: The porn I always liked as a kid was always a spoof of a popular movie.

Miri: Lawrence of A-Labia!

Zack: Fuckback Mountain?

Miri gives him a slightly repulsed look.

Zack: What? Too soon?

I mean, this is coming so close to the edge of unfunny that it might be over that edge. I don’t know if this line was in the script before Heath Ledger passed away, but the fact that it’s still in there, and that the Weinstein Company is using it to promote this film… that line makes me so uncomfortable while I laugh, but still, I laugh.

A few closing thoughts:

  • I am no longer worried about Justin Long being in this film, at all. The two or three lines he has in this trailer have won me over. (See my previous post about this for more.)
  • Rogen’s delivery of “There’s poo in there,” rivals “Her name Bubbles” for me when it comes to most memorable line.
  • Rogen and Robinson’s exchange “Can he slap her ass some more? / Don’t be a fucking pervert, dude.” seals the deal for me, as the final lines in any trailer should.

What did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.