Welcome to Guest Geek #2: Shawn Lampron

Since it’s inception, I have been interested in finding ways of making Geek Force Five a more community-oriented site, a place where everyone had a chance to join and contribute to the conversation. That’s why I started the whole thing off with a question: Who’s in your Geek Force Five? That’s why you’ve found me asking Questions of the Day in recent weeks.

Back in May, I featured an article by our first Guest Geek (and resident 90210 expert), Bethany Snyder, a piece she followed up on with another amusing article just yesterday. At around the same time, I started attending monthly meetings of New Hampshire Media Makers in nearby Newmarket, which is where, last month, I met Shawn Lampron, who later today will become our second Guest Geek.

A former high-school English teacher now working in Business, the twenty-seven year old Lampron has been collecting comic books since the age of 14. He has a particular interest in Marvel Comics, and even more specifically in the dude representing as Marvel’s avatar here at Geek Force Five, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. When Shawn told the masses at NH Media Makers that he was looking for places to write, having him as a guest here on GF5 was a no-brainer.

Shawn will be responsible for what we hope will become a bi-weekly column. It’ll be called “Marvel Mythos and Media,” and it starts today with the first in a series of pieces on one of Marvel’s most popular “hotheads”: Ghost Rider.

So, everyone please give a warm welcome to Shawn.

And if you’re interested in writing about an obsession that you and I share (like Shawn) or an obsession of your own (like Bethany), please shoot me an e-mail. These guest posts are only the beginning of what I have in mind for the future of Geek Force Five, and I’d love to have your help in shaping what’s on the horizon.

NewsE. Christopher Clark