Worth Your Consideration 017 - A GF5 Linkdump

  • Trent Reznor and company have launched a new version of nin.com that seems to be heading in a slightly more social networking direction than you’d expect from a band that makes music for generally antisocial people. My profile is here.
  • Kevin Smith has updated Silent Bob Speaks with a look at the Canadian poster for the film and a link to a previously unreleased general audiences trailer. The new trailer includes some new, funny bits, but it’s got basically the same structure as the red band trailer. So, it’s a bit hard to watch if, like me, you’ve watched the red band trailer so many times that you’re expecting all of the comedic beats before they happen. When a different joke or beat hits in this green band trailer, I’m totally thrown for a loop, and that’s distracting me from enjoying the thing.
  • Bill Melendez, the voice of Snoopy and the Flash Beagle’s sometime animator, has died. As a huge Peanuts fan—my nickname in college was Charlie Brown, in case you didn’t know—this makes me very sad. Ain’t It Cool News has a nice tribute, complete with a couple of You Tube clips.