Spoiling Season Five #02

Reports from the set of Lost have been coming in fast and furious this week, and many of them make mention of “Ben’s plan”. If you can stomach some spoilers, let’s go below the fold and talk about what that plan might involve.

Oh, I’ll tell you what has surprised me: That Ben seems to have a real plan!
When asked by E! Online what has surprised him so far in season five, Michael Emerson (Ben) said, “Oh, I’ll tell you what has surprised me: That Ben seems to have a real plan! You’d think I would be the last one to be surprised by that, but he’s doesn’t miss a beat. It’s kind of interesting—it’s kind of breathtaking, really.”

BUT, when Evangeline Lilly was approached by the same network at this past weekend’s Emmy ceremony, she had this to say about Ben’s plan: “Hmmm? Is Ben’s plan’s coming together? Is Ben’s plan comprehensible is the question? Can anyone make sense of Benjamin Linus?”

So, what does that mean? Does Emerson know more that Lilly, or is Lilly just delighting in being a confusing tease?

Only one thing is for sure when it comes to Ben’s plan, according to the latest set of significant spoilers, and that’s that Penny and Desmond are somehow involved in Mr. Linus’s machinations. Of course, that should be pretty obvious to anyone who watched last season, but I, for one, wasn’t sure that we’d see the payoff on Ben’s promise to kill Penny this soon. I didn’t think we’d see any confrontation between Ben and Penny/Desmond until season six. But, according to the spoilers, shit’s going to go down early in season five. I’m not sure if Ben’s going to succeed (and the spy doesn’t seem sure either), but it does seem apparent that the theory I had been bandying about privately (if not publicly), the one about season four building up Desmond and Sayid’s relationship just so that they could eventually confront each other when Ben sent Sayid to kill Penny (without Sayid really knowing who he was after until it was too late), it does seem to confirm that that theory ain’t going to happen.

I am just so intrigued by these hints. What is Ben’s plan? And how could it be so amazing that even Michael Emerson was surprised by it?